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Linoskoczek ropes park

Linoskoczek is one of the biggest ropes parks in Poland and the biggest in Podkarpacie. It is situated on a picturesque hill, among trees, ferns and forest flowers, not far from the centre of Krosno. Visitors can enjoy five courses of combined length of 663 metres and 49 various obstacles, hung on trees at heights varying from 3 to 14 metres. The courses vary in altitude and difficulty. They include a course designed specifically for children as young as six years, or even younger, if they are accompanied by their parents or guardians. The course is 146 metres long, has twelve obstacles, and takes about 40 minutes to complete. A family or school visit to Linoskoczek will definitely be a source of unforgettable thrills. Those who appreciate somewhat less challenging sports will enjoy the fitness trail built in the park.

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