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Cisy Nature Reserve in Malinówka

A 20-minute drive from the centre of the town of Malinówka and a several-minute walk from the school in Malinówka is all you need to see for yourself one of one of the habitats of the legendary yew tree, unique on a national scale, where the yew tree has been protected since 1958.

As many as 1065 yew trees, which are a tertiary relic, can be found on the area of 4,02 ha. The uniqueness of the yews in Malinówka lies primarily in the fact that they are in excellent shape, and continue to bloom profusely and bear fruit. Yew used to be a popular tree but is now a real rarity (especially in such numbers), even though it has been protected by law since 1423!

Not far from Malinówka, there is a twin reserve in Kretówki, also protecting yew trees.

fot.: pixab