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Czarnorzeki is one of the most beautifully situated places in the region, known for the Prządki Nature Reserve, the radio and TV mast on the Sucha Mountain, the beautiful views, the ski lift and the Orthodox church built by the Zamieszańcy.

Let’s start from the beginning.

The village was established relatively late. The first written records about it date to the middle of the 16th century, when it was mentioned under the name Wola Czarna or Czarny Potok as part of the estate of the Kamieniec Castle. It was inhabited by Ruthenians of the Orthodox faith, who built there a wooden church around the year 1600. In the 19th century, when they constituted only half of the population of the village, they had been influenced so much by the language and habits of their Polish neighbours that they started to be thought of as separate from other Ruthenians, for example the Lemkos of the Beskid Niski, and therefore called Zamieszańcy (“the mixed/confused ones”). They were famous for their masonry skills and making use of the rich supply of stone in the region.

After the end of the First World War, in the years 1918 -1921, the damaged old church was replaced with a new, Greek Catholic masonry church inspired by the so called national Ukrainian style, which – after the wartime and post war relocations – now serves the present inhabitants of the village as a Roman Catholic church. It used to be dedicated to Saint Demetrius and is now dedicated to the Transfiguration. Apart from the church, the Zamieszańcy people are remembered by old shrines and a few huts that have survived to our times.

Czarnorzeki became a popular place for day trips already in the 19th century, especially thanks to the majestic Prządki, the proximity of the Kamieniec Castle and the beautiful views offered by the hills surrounding the village. On a clear day, you can see from there both the closer Bieszczady Mountains and the majestic Tatra Mountains further away, as proved by the photos here.

The centre of the village is the starting point of an educational trail leading to the castle and a trail to the Prządki Nature Reserve. It is not surprising then that the scenery of the entire area is protected as the Czarnorzeki-Strzyżów Landscape Park.

Apart from the walks, the bicycle trail also deserves a recommendation. It leads from Korczyna through the Kamieniec Castle, Sucha Mountain (585 metres above sea level), Czarnorzeki, the Dział viewpoint (515m metres above sea level) and Kombornia back to Korczyna. It offers breath-taking vistas and steep inclines which will take your breath away also in the more literal sense.


In winter, Czarnorzeki attract visitors with its ski lift, managed by the Municipal Sports and Entertainment Centre in Krosno.

The ski slope is especially suited for recreational skiing, with a 13% inclination, 460 metres of length, and 73 metres vertical difference. There is a 400 metres long Tatrapoma platter lift, and the slope is lit and regularly maintained. It also offers skiers toilet facilities and changing rooms, and hot food and drinks during the weekends.

Czarnorzeki is also well known for the activity of amateurs of off-road vehicles, who meet there every year for a 4x4 rally, and for a 2-hectare paintball field.