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Glass Heritage Centre (for children)

When you visit the Centre with your children, you will all not only learn about the history of glassmaking and see masterpieces of artists working with glass, but also learn about the production process and the techniques glass items are decorated with.

You need around two hours to see the entire complex of the Glass Heritage Centre, which includes the main building and cellars under the old terraces of houses on the Town Square. In the main building, children will be interested to watch how glassworkers create decorative items, such as vases or fruit platters, out of white-hot glass. Another attraction for visitors is the opportunity to try your strength in glassblowing.

The programme of a visit to the Glass Heritage Centre includes various workshops for children and entire families. You can try engraving on glass, making stained glass, and lampworking – producing glass figurines with a burner. The workshops for children also include creative recycling of everyday glass items and painting on glass. Children can take the things created during workshops home as souvenirs.

The youngest tourists will also be interested by the impressive 3D painting of glassworkers at work on level -4. Once you have seen it, you can go back to the Town Square with the longest escalator in Podkarpacie and move on to the cellars, where part of the collection of the Centre is displayed. The exhibition on glass in physics is dedicated to children. Through play and the opportunity to perform some experiments with lenses, kaleidoscope and fibre-optic cables, it presents the properties of glass and is a source of a lot of fun.

Another attraction for children in the offer of the Glass Heritage Centre is a tourist train.

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Opening hours (Monday - Saturday): 9:00 - 17:00
Opening hours (Sunday): 11:00 – 17:00
Opening hours (off-season): miastoszkla.pl/pl/godziny_otwarcia
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