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Kamień nad Jaśliskami Nature Reserve

The reserve was created in 2000 to protect the lay of the land typical for the Beskid Niski, and covers the area of over 300 ha. The protected area comprises the slopes and the top of the Kamień Mountain, covered with beech and beech-fir forests. A botanical curiosity to be observed there is the peat bogs situated high up the mountain, where you can see the round-leaved sundew.

There are also several species of orchids and 36 species of mountain plants such as the perennial honesty, Austrian leopard's bane and Cardamine glanduligera O.Schwarz. The fauna is represented by many species of large mammals, including red deer, roe deer and wild boar, and large predators: brown bear, lynx and grey wolf, as well as birds: lesser spotted eagle, Ural owl and Eurasian pygmy owl.

Also the inanimate nature of the reserve is very interesting. There are many outcrops of sandstone and characteristic long and massive stone walls in the north-west side of the mountain. One of the curiosities of inanimate nature of the reserve is the Siny Wir Lake at the foot of one of the disused quarries.

fot.: wikimedia.com, Timaska, CC-BY