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Millennium Reserve on Cergowa Mountain

The reserve is situated on the northern slopes of Cergowa Mountain, in the villages of Cergowa and Jasionka.

It was established in 1963 and covers an area of 63.5 ha to protect a fragment of beech and fir forest. There are many valuable species of plants here, including one of the biggest stands of the European bladdernut in Poland. The bush has been widely thought to be magical. It has cream-coloured flowers in spring and characteristic fruit in autumn. Another interesting plant growing on Cergowa is perennial honesty, with purple flowers and crescent-shaped dry fruit that rustle in the autumn and winter winds and are often called “Judas’ silver”. There are also rare species of ferns, such as hart's-tongue fern and maidenhair spleenwort. Other noteworthy plants include martagon lily, snakeshead and wolf's bane. The fauna is represented, among others, by red deer, roe deer, wild boars and grey wolves, as well as birds: lesser spotted eagles, buzzards and Ural owls.

fot.: M. Sanocka