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Tent Sports Hall

Krosno Sports Hall gives a new dimension to football in Krosno.

It is a unique place, as it provides optimal conditions for playing all year round. The highest quality artificial turf, the roof and the heating system improve the quality of training conditions for both professionals and amateurs. The hall is situated near the Sports and Recreation Centre, which offers other activities, such as tennis, swimming, skating, as well as track and field. Just next to the hall, there is a car park with enough spaces for all the drivers using the hall. The hall is 68 metres long, 45 metres wide, and 13.5 metres high in the centre. It is lit with state-of-the art LED lighting system, and has heating and ventilation systems. The main pitch is divided into three smaller ones, measuring 45x20 metres, which makes it possible to cater for the needs of various users, providing conditions both for friendly games and football training sessions, as well as junior games.

fot.: M. Pirga

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