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The Courthouse

The courthouse is another monument of the revival of Krosno at the time of the independence of Galicia, designed for the District Court, who wanted to have an appropriately stately seat.

The land for the building was bought by the Imperial-Royal state authorities in 1910, near the building of the District Council. The author of the design was Stanisław Bergman, a nephew of the painter from Krosno of the same first and family name.

The courthouse was ready in 1913 and has served the judiciary since then nearly continuously. Nearly – because in 1914, when the Russians occupied Krosno, it became the staff headquarters of the famous general Aleksei Brusilov. After the Russians were driven from Krosno in the spring of 1915, it housed an army hospital. It functioned as a hospital again also during World War II.

The eclectic and, indeed, stately building draws the attention of almost every passer-by. It has a beautiful façade with a decorative gable and portal, above which there is an ornamental balcony. At the centre of the gable there is a characteristic clock made in Krosno, in Michał Mięsowicz’s First Domestic Factory of Tower Clocks.

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