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The Museum of Crafts (for children)

The most popular exhibition in the Museum, the one recommended for children is the one on the history of crafts in the south-east of Poland.

There are works and tools of functional crafts from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. They include a carpenter’s workshop, a blacksmith’s shop, items connected with the work of clockmakers, tailors and dressmakers, as well as weaving tools and tools for leather processing. The most popular exhibit there is the hairdressing salon from the 1920s, where you can feel like a client several dozen years ago. You can also see a collection of historic hairstyling tools, which may seem somewhat peculiar today. A visit to the Museum of Crafts will give you and your children an opportunity to learn not only about the secrets of trade of old craftsmen, but also about their everyday lives.

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