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The valley of the Wisłok river

Near Besko, the Wisłok river flows through a narrow, deep gorge, whose precipitous walls are up to 60 metres tall. It is one of the most beautiful river valleys in the Polish part of the Carpathians.

This amazing gorge was formed during the Pleistocene, that is around eighty thousand years ago. Before that, Wisłok flowed from Sieniawa to the west, and from Rymanów to the north, but as a result of meeting a stream at the foot of the hills near Besko, its channel changed. It must be noted here that it is the only river gorge in Poland formed during the Pleistocene.

There is a trail leading to this unique place along the river. As you follow it, you can see small lakes and waterfalls, and after a short hike you reach a place with a beautiful view of the Wisłok gorge. On one side, you can see white rocks of the precipice, and on the other - the river, running over stone steps on the background of an almost vertical slope covered with forest.

fot.: M. Sanocka