The Ethnocentre

The Ethnocentre of the Krosno Region is neither a museum nor a research institution, although all the activities and events it hosts are based on ethnographic knowledge obtained through meticulous ethnographic field research. The workshops reflect the world of the old-time countryside – they develop a sense of rhythm, harmony with the surrounding world and inner order. Traditional songs, music, dancing, weaving, cuisine, embroidering, ethnobotanics, painting, and sculpting coexist here with modern visuals and virtual reality. Fables, legends and tales are the main forms used, and they are adapted to particular age groups.

Warsztaty -  Etnocentrum

In the interiors of the underground it is worth listening to original traditional songs discovered during a search conducted in the Podkarpackie Region, and seeing old photographs in the scenery of the former railway platform to discover the traces of our region’s history. In the legends hall you can take a seat in a traditional ladder-sided wagon, and learn about one of the many local legends through animation and interaction. In the games room you will find both modern Kinect games and traditional board games. In the masonry stove room, thanks to projection mapping, you can take a close look at the process of traditional meal preparation.

Warsztaty - Etnocentrum

Also, why don’t you try on some Polish national costumes in our virtual changing room, or design your own embroidery pattern on a special touch screen. The dance parties at the Ethnocentre of the Krosno Region are a perfect opportunity to enjoy live music performed by original folk ensembles, learn popular folk dances from Krosno, and try actually doing them.

Visiting time: about 40 minutes or set individually depends on workshops.

Web site: etnocentrum.pl/en
Additional information: 13 47 43 512, 13 47 43 513