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Baloons over Krosno

A balloon floating in the air evokes associations with a sky romance, moments together in the clouds.  Ballooning is in fact a safe discipline of sport which is becoming increasingly popular among tourists. Professional balloonists, however, who come every year to Krosno in Podkarpacie, must show unusual skills, calmness and cold-blood.

It has been over 200 years since the Montgolfier brothers constructed the first balloon which flew due to heated air. Those first balloons were different from modern ones. First of all the montgolfiere, because that was the name of the brothers’ balloon, was made of paper and canvas. It also had a different shape. In time balloons became something more than just a dream to fly like birds. More and more records of altitude and duration were broken and balloons were used for military purposes and even for space escapades – balloons with probes landed on Mars.

Today anyone can buy a ticket and fly in a balloon or try ballooning as a sport. This sport seems to be a comfortable one, but it is enough to take a closer look at the construction of a balloon and the way it is navigated. Gondola, in which the participants stay, is attached to a canopy made of thin material – mostly polyester. Due to the heated air from the burner fuelled with propane-butane, the balloon lifts off. The pilot is able to control the altitude by regulating the amount of air pushed inside the canopy. But the direction of flight is determined only by the wind and the side it blows. Thus reaching a certain goal requires regulating the altitude and finding the right masses of air on different levels.

Baloons over Krosno is the most spectacular event that accompanies the International Hot Air Balloon Competition held annually in Krosno. During three days in May several dozen colorful balloons fly over Krosno. At the same time, concerts and aviation shows take place.

A Baloon Competition

The competitors will take part in various sporting contests. Their aim is mostly to reach the destination as close as possible, or to drop down the sacks with sand in a particular place. In order to reach a specific point, one must find on different levels in the sky the right air routes, which push the balloon in the right direction. This is not that easy. Balloons weighing around 400 kg manoeuvre their way up and down, once they are close to the ground and the next minute high among the clouds. The competitors must show steel nerves and perfect preparation. Due to a specific shape of terrain in the Subcarpathian region there are stark winds and movements of air masses. Only professionals can take up such a difficult challenge.

This year the annual baloon fiesta and the XVII Hot Air Balloon Mountain Competition will be acompanied by XXXII Balloon Poland Championship organised by The Bogusława Nykiel-Ostrowska Open Hearts Fundation, Subcarpathian Aeroclub and the City of Krosno.

A picnic

But the championship is not only balloons flying over our heads. As it was in the past, this year there will be also many concerts, shows and event organised.

Details of the Baloons over Krosno you may find on the fanpage and on the official website of the Baloon Competition. Programme of the event is also presented below and will be developed:

Saturday - 30th April 2016
Hip-Hop Day:
The Pimps

Sunday - 1st May 2016

Monday - 2nd May 2016
Farben Lehre

Tuesday - 3rd May 2016
Family picnic

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